What type of wood is used for our benches?

Our Exclusive suppliers are:

~ Bally Block and Michigan Maple for our tops

~ Kapstone Saw Mills for our Frame work

~ Littrell Lumber Mill for our shelf Pine

We currently use Woodweld Maple Butcher Block on all of our Bench Tops and Select Structural Southern Yellow Pine for legs and Frames.
The moisture content is .05, where common SYP pine is dried to a 15 moisture content. This type of wood is more durable, and has virtually no knots, therefore no shrinkage!

The world's largest manufacturer of Butcher Block products, Wood Welded Companies (Bally Block and Michigan Maple Block) have been producing the finest quality for over 120 years. Using select kiln dried wood, local fine wood craftsmen build Butcher Blocks, counter tops, and specialty tables of durability and distinction. Their careful gluing and curing methods yield the most beautiful hard wearing blocks on the market.

Durability - The rock-hard, edge grained laminations assure durability and the greatest construction strength. Over one guarantees the highest degree of craftsmanship.

Lamination - Great care is used in selecting edge grain. All woods are solid maple, electronically bonded together in the famous resin adhesives.

Finish - All surfaces and edges are accurately planed and sanded. A special Wood Welded wear-resistant finish is then applied - DURAKRYL 102. This tough, acrylic coating will repel alcohol, bleach, even paint thinner! Wood Welded Butcher Block is one of the few materials that can take so much hard wear and tear, be resurfaced or repaired without any special tools or particular skill, and come up looking as great as ever.

What is Southern Pine?

Southern Pine grows in a vast band across the Southern United States, from East Texas to Virginia. In fact, it's a rare county that doesn't contain a representative of one of the four main species: shortleaf, longleaf, loblolly or slash. Lumber from all four is marketed as Southern Pine (or Southern Yellow Pine) and graded in accordance with the grading rules of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB), approved by the American Lumber Standard Committee.

Market opportunities for Southern Pine lumber exist in residential, nonresidential and industrial applications. Major market areas are throughout the United States, as well as export markets in China, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and the Caribbean Basin.

The inherent characteristics that make Southern Pine such a desirable species for so
many applications are:
HIGH STRENGTH - Design values assigned for Southern Pine are among the highest for all softwoods.

SEASONING - Grade marked Southern Pine dimension lumber (2" and less in thickness) must be dried to a maximum moisture content of 19%. This minimizes the shrinkage associated with "green lumber."

DURABILITY - Southern Pine is highly resistant to wear; therefore, it is suitable for flooring, decks, patios, marinas, boardwalks and other high-traffic applications.

TREATABILITY - Southern Pine is also one of the easiest softwoods to pressure-treat with preservatives. As a result, treated Southern Pine is one of the largest segments of the Southern Pine market.

QUALITY - SPC members produce Southern Pine lumber to the highest quality standards, as contained in the SPIB grading rules. You can build on that!