The Longfellow 30" x 60"

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The Longfellow 30" x 60"


Once a year I try to develop a new Workbench design with a single focus but, many uses. The Longfellow was originally designed as a drafting table. We found that it also can be morphed into a Woodcarvers Bench by adding bench dog holes for hold downs, as well as a great Standing Desk built at your required height at no additional charge.

Drawers are Included on this Workbench!

Legs, Frames, and Bottom shelves are honed from 2” x 8” Dense Select Southern Yellow Pine. This wood type is highly resistant to wear; therefore, it is suitable for Post & Beam Homes, Flooring, Decks, Patios, Marinas, Boardwalks and other high-traffic applications.

The 1 3/4 " rock-hard edge grain construction of our Wood Welded Butcher Block Top assures you of the maximum durability and the greatest construction strength available.

Tops are finished with DURAKRYL 102. This tough, acrylic coating will repel alcohol, bleach, even paint thinner! These tops are hard at work in factories and on shipping and receiving docks around the world. In the material handling business there is no better top than a solid Laminated Wood Welded Maple Butcher Block.

We're proud to bring back American Made Quality!

For the money, this is the Best Custom Made in USA Wooden Workbench available anywhere and will give you lifetimes of hard working service that can be passed to generations.





Height: 35” Industry Standard, however you choose your height. Keep in mind choosing the correct height allows for better comfort working on your craft for long periods of time

Length: 60”

Depth: 30”

Weight: 455 – 500 LBS

Capacity: 2,500 Pounds*

Legs are 4.5" x 4.5" and are cut from 2" x 8" stock, cross grained and laminated to prevent future twisting as would likely happen with 4" x 4" cut stock. Legs are integrated into our “Sled” design to ensure stability and durability.There are strategically placed leg levelers to meet the demands of any floor surface. You may also choose 2 different style vises, or none at all.

A Standard Bench height is 35" tall with Adjustable  Leg Levelers. However you can choose your own custom height! Legs can be made to your specified height at no charge. This opportunity is available for taller or shorter clients to create a more comfortable work environment, as well as accommodating for a variety of project styles to enhance your work!

Lag Bolts, Eleven Lag/Deck Screws (see assembly).

Average Assembly time is 20 minutes.

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