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Bench Dog Pups


Veritas® round bench dogs are made from solid brass rod and 
can be installed in any bench by drilling a 3/4" hole. Brass 
dogs are non-corroding and kind to your tools. The 
combined crosshatching and 2° inward slope of the face 
hold wood securely.

Bench Pups
  • Specifications:

    • The side spring lets the dog slide smoothly, but holds it 
      well at any desired projection.
      The Bench Pups® (at 2-3/8") are fine for benches with tops up 
      to 2" thick and ideal for bench sides. At Least 2 Pair are 
      suggested per vise.

  • How To Order:

    When ordering the Custom Veritas QR Vises, you have a few Standard Option Choices to make:

    • Choose Your Vise Placement. You have the option (Facing the Bench) of Right Front, Right Side, Left Front Left Side.
    • If your new to these vises, visualize how you will be using the vise. Whether Left or Right handed, you may have a preference on Placement. Video
    • We offer to add Bench Dog Holes at no charge when you’ve ordered a vise, but you must let us know. The best way is to add this request in the Comment Section in your Shopping Cart page.









    Typically ships as an accessory at no charge.

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