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Custom Engraved Patterns


There was a time when we had added Pictorial Carvings to our Specialty Benches at Virtually "No Charge", Oh it was so very cool to see the wonderful things we could do. While we always took "Artistic" License, meaning I called the layout based on my experience, and since we do not send out Proofs(Can you imagine waiting for 30 clients to get back to you? I can say we've always Pleased everyone with the Layout. During that time, and even Now, Clients have no concept and shouldn't be expected to understand that the Larger Variety of Great Carvings take up to 12 Hours to make. Consider Multiplying that times 25 - 30 clients. Its pretty hard to meet deadline expectations with that type of time consumption. That being said we charge for every carving. Not just for time.....of the Carving. . .  We have a very expensive CNC machine to maintain. Please take a peek at the choices on our site , and also the Design and Make website. In the end, you have an  Hierloom Quality message to pass through the generations.

  • Specifications:

    • Choose your Size: Small Front, Small Top Shelf, Mural [Top Shelf]
    • Some Carvings loose clarity when very Small, we will let you know.

    Typically ships as an accessory at no charge.

  • How To Order:

    Choose the Carving from the Photo Gallery and Type it in the Custom Field. Remember to choose the Correct Size and Let us know where you'd like it placed with respect to any Engraving that you choose on the original order,

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