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Add - A - Shelf

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Shelf space is always a premium advantage. These shelves are built to the same specifications as your bottom shelf. Treads are Dado-ed into the front and rear face of the shelf frame offering strength and stability. Each of our Custom shelves are rated to hold up to 250 pounds with ease.

Bottom Shelf Recess (for foot room)
  • Specifications:

    ~ Dense Select Southern Yellow Pine 1"x 4" Clear Radius edge ~ Dado-ed Joints for Stability and Strength. ~ Sizes Vary.


  • How To Order:

    Simply choose the size shelf based on the size bench you are ordering. You then have the Option of Standard or Recess shelf front. It is suggested that the Middle shelf have a recess to accommodate your knees and allow you to be closer to your work. A rule of thumb here is if you've chosen a bottom shelf recess, then choose the same for the Middle shelving. Sizes are Smaller than listed as they are Labeled with relation to the size of a Bench that it would fit on.


    Typically ships as an accessory at no charge.

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