Corporate Clients



Over the past several years we have been invited to build some very special benches that are currently at work throughout the country. 

We found that our workbenches can Morph into styles and uses beyond the Garage or Home Hobbyist. 

We're proud to know that our benches are at work with Missile Defense projects, Motorcycle shops, Technical Schools, Computer Technology and probably our most significant growth opprotunity has been in Electronics. 

We've travelled beyond the basic ESD Workbenches that provide simple "Anti-static" capabilities in electronics testing. 

Now more than ever companies are investigation newer electronic testing leading to higher levels of technology are requiring non-conductive workbenches where absolutely no metal components are used. 

Our technological benches are designed and built using all wood, mortise and tenon joints. They are shipped fully assembled and ready to perform. 

This "offspring" of our "Garage" Start up 7 years ago is leading the way for a new line of product for American Workbench. 

We are currently considering a 17,000 sq ft facility nearby to assist in our ability to satisfy our growth in Business to Consumer custom workbenches as well as our Business to Business products. 

Lastly, our commitment to bringing back American Quality in industry has proven itself through the strength of our woodcrafter's. 

It is their constant innovation and attention to detail, and ability to collaborate with my dream and perseverance to prove that you can build a focused quality company from the ground up here in America! 

My Very Best -