To Our Clients ~

When I started this company going on 14 years ago, it was out of frustration and determination.

The frustration was from my wife Emily trying to find an American made wooden workbench as a gift for me in our new home.

At that time it finally hit me, most everything you could purchase was Outsourced for cheap labor and materials to Third World Countries.

The determination began after I built my own bench and wood burned "American Workbench" on it.

At 53, in the Hotel Business for 28 years, my hotel was being sold and the thought of moving to another city for a high paying job, became out of the question since we love Charleston so much.

I started in my garage with 3 pieces of equipment, two workbench products, a small website and an Ebay account.

Today, we have a 17,000 SQ Ft facility on James Island, 10 American Employees and 15 
Bench Products.

Although I truly believe that no one client is any better than the next, no matter whether they buy one bench or five, whether they are a celebrity or not, I can say it's very inspiring when someone that you have admired, buys something that you hand make and that your product was chosen based on its own merit.

(Please note: This bench was a purchase and not a donation for endorsement.)


In almost every case, our designs have been inspired by our client's ideas and requests.

Thank you to all 10,168 of my Clients I remember each of you daily as I build new benches!

My Best,