Take a minute to inspect the contents of your box.

Please always check for damage when your boxes arrive.

You should find:

  • 1 - 30"x 45" Bench Top.( or the bench size that you've ordered)
  • 1 - 29"x 42 1/2 "  Bottom Shelf. ( Or the size that you've ordered)
  • 4 - 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" Post legs.
  • 1 - 3 Compartment Side Pocket.
  • 16 - Lag Bolts and washers for bench top.
  • 8 - 2"- Lag Screws for bottom shelf.
  • 3 -Side pocket screws. 2" lag screws
  • 1 - 6 or 12" Ratchet Clamp to assist in assembly.

Assembly Instructions (Typically 20 minutes)
We have made these instructions as simple as possible with the confidence that you'll print this 
page and see how easy this sturdy bench is to put together.


You will need the following tools:

  • Drill motor with Phillips head Bit.
  • A 9/16 Socket and Ratchet.
  • 6-12" Ratchet Clamp (included with your purchase).

Step 1:
Remove contents carefully from shipping carton and inspect each piece for damages.

Take an inventory of all listed items. Contact us immediately, should something be missing though highly 

Step 2:
Organize your parts on a flat level surface (Garage or Basement floor).
Place the Bench top bottom up.

Leg Install on Workbench












As shown above: Each leg is labeled for upside down installation. Take one leg at a time and place 
in each corner. All Counter sink holes should be facing the rear of the bench. Using the C - Clamp, 
secure the position of the leg. Place Lag Bolts with Washers in each hole and HAND install with your 
ratchet and 9/16 socket. 
Do not tighten all the way until the bottom shelf is added in the next step. 
Caution: Do not use a drill motor! This can be too powerful and crack portions of the wood. Continue 
the same method on all four legs.

Bottom Shelf install


Bottom shelf align

Bottom Shelf side view 

Step 3:
Turn the Bench "right side up". Since the Bench is heavy, it will be helpful to have someone assist 
you. Be Safe!.
Take the bottom shelf unit and line the Back of the unit on the floor to the front legs of the bench. 
Lift the bench front and nudge the front legs into the side slots. Let the bench down and slide the 
shelf back toward the rear legs. While the legs are loose they should go in smoothly. It will appear 
that there is too much play 1/4 -3/4" . That tolerance is expected as the leg / shelf will strut for 

Gently lift each corner and measure 4" or the level you would wish to place the shelf, Place 2 1/2 
"lag screws at each counter sink hole and using your drill motor install each screw. Do not over 
tighten. You may need to gently nudge the legs into the shelf unit corner since the legs are loose.
On Recessed shelves, the two pilot holes need to line up to the rear half of the front leg.

Step 4: Place the Three Compartment Side Pocket anywhere it is convenient for you. You may wish 
to place the bench in or near it's final destination before determining placement.  There are 3 - 2 
1/2" screws provided. Using a drill motor position screws on angle and drill in place.

You are now ready to use your new Workbench! Enjoy, we're always happy to hear your comments 
as they have been so positive. Watch for some of our new products to add to your D.I.Y. Projects!