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~ To All Past and Future Clients ~

Your support of American Workbench has been the motivation and inspiration behind the quality products produced by American Workbench.  For the past fourteen years our small family company has produced Quality Customized products on time with reasonable prices.

Between Hurricane Florence and the remnants of Hurricane Michael, American Workbench was set back several weeks of production, which in connection with decreased sales revenue is forcing the closure of the business in its present form.

Serious issues in Google's changed in Alogorithms that effected our presence online are currently being researched with the miraculous support of previous clients, and there are too many to name on this portion of my website.

Therefore, I have decided to Downsize the Company to it's original form.  

Up until recently we were building and shipping Custom Workbenches at a pace of 35 orders every 18- 20 days with an average of 30+ Business days, I will personally be building each bench with the help of interns wishing to learn the craft.

New Orders will be quoted on 8 - 12 week intervals, where clients will be in direct contact with me where I can be assured of the clients patience level. In this "Want it Now" generation we have to look to Charlie Chan's approach: "Patience is Big Sister to Wisdom" [smile]

The New American Workbench/ Yankee Workbench will limit our Product line to:

  • The Paul Revere Woodworking Bench.
  • The Constitution ~ Reloading Bench.
  • The Ben Franklin Hobby Bench.
  • The Minuteman Enclosed Workbench.
  • The Union Gap Corner.
  • The Thomas Edison Non Conductive Testing Bench.

I've thoroughly enjoyed Building this company, but feel at this time, I would rather focus on Quality, and selectively sell to those willing to wait for an Heirloom Quality Wooden Workbench, Built to last several Lifetimes. 

Should you have interest in Joining our Waiting List, Please contact me at:

Lastly, I will be expanding our YouTube Channel to accomodate weekly episodes on Woodworking, Building Workbench Accessories, and CNC Training. I hope you'll look for us in February on this exciting new project.

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the lord our God and not for men, Knowing that from the Lord you will receive the Inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."

~ Colossians 3:23-24(ESV) ~


(There are hundreds of Workbenches available. None that we know of are Handmade here in America. and no one else offers a complete custom opportunity!)

Specialty Reloading Benches

Specialty Reloading Benches

Choose your Size, Height, Colors and Options!

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Customize your own Grouping! Awesome!

Customize your own Grouping! Awesome!

This is a 30 x 84" Ben Franklin Specialty bench with a Modified Plainsman 24 x 60" with a variety of options. . . Mix and Match to Create your own Configuration.....

Shop & Garage Workbenches

Shop & Garage Workbenches

woodworking benches

woodworking benches

Paul Revere

This newest addition to our family of American Made Workbenches, it has an "American" style top that provides a larger contiguous area to support your work compared to a European-style top with a recessed tool well.

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Hi John,The Workbench and Shelving Unit are gorgeous! I'm going to send some pics soon. Thank you so much!
Pat Rucker
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