American Workbench Builds Legacies...

In essence American Workbench builds Workbenches that can be designed by you, to fit your profession, Hobby, or need by offering different base bench styles that can be modified by adding some of our many accessories. In the end, you design it....and we build in America!

Think of it as a "Build a Bench" Concept. You choose the bench style that you like, then choose from Custom options. You can choose your Color, Bottom shelf recess (for ankle clearance), Finish (Satin or Gloss), and most importantly the Height of your bench. We also include Complimentary Name engraving all at no additional charge.


Once you've chosen the Bench and Choices, you can upgrade your bench by adding Drawers, Vises, Casters, and Organizational Side Compartments. When viewing each Bench style, dont forget to scroll down the page for Specifications, Notes on how to order, and suitable accessories.


When making custom choices there are small (?) Question marks near each choice. Simply click on the (?) and a Pop Up will appear explaining what the choice is and why. Is easy and fun to design your own bench and we're pleased to help. Call or Text and we'll respond as quickly as possible. 

A great workbench cannot be one-size-fits all. Some Folks are over 6 feet tall, others are under 5 feet tall, there is no "normal" when it comes to your hobby or profession. Finally, AWB builds workbenches to your height specifications. We build Smart bottom shelves to fit your style, sitting or standing and best of all, our benches become your signature bench ...
Built to last several lifetimes .... and We Guarantee it!

A Note to our Current and Future Clients from John A. Zirpola Sr, Founder, Builder, Designer, and Bench Builder. . . .

Since 2005, Our Little Southern Company has built over 10,000 Custom workbenches.They are all built primarily by Hand * (See our Video on what and how we do what we do.) We are NOT  Amazon, Wayfair, or any other Company that ships immediately. Each Workbench that we build is Primarily built by one person collectively. Based on the Popularity of our benches there are times where we will be late in shipping our Product. Each bench is built to order with our Custom offerings. They are designed , Built, Carved, Stained, and finished by a small group of proud WoodCrafter's. Every part of your bench is touched, shaped, and honed by these people many times over.

The very same folks that build your bench also pack your bench, carrying on the Love of our product from start to finish.

What we do is very different from other manufacturers, however, the result is everlasting and will carry on for generations. There are times, especially in our growing economy, where we are held up by raw material back orders, there are tropical storms, and yes, employees get sick. In the real world, there is no  deadline that can be met with hand made products. . It's simply not practical to think that way. That being said, please do not order our products if your seeking a fast delivery as there will be times that we miss the mark in the name of Quality.... In the end, we create a legacy that people who make things will be proud to build on the foundation we made for them.

Lastly, I believe this. . .

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the lord our God and not for men, Knowing that from the Lord you will receive the Inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."

~ Colossians 3:23-24(ESV) ~


(There are hundreds of Workbenches available. None that we know of are Handmade here in America. and no one else offers a complete custom opportunity!)

Specialty Reloading Benches

Specialty Reloading Benches

Choose your Size, Height, Colors and Options!

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Customize your own Grouping! Awesome!

Customize your own Grouping! Awesome!

This is a 30 x 84" Ben Franklin Specialty bench with a Modified Plainsman 24 x 60" with a variety of options. . . Mix and Match to Create your own Configuration.....

Shop & Garage Workbenches

Shop & Garage Workbenches

woodworking benches

woodworking benches

Paul Revere

This newest addition to our family of American Made Workbenches, it has an "American" style top that provides a larger contiguous area to support your work compared to a European-style top with a recessed tool well.

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Hi John:Thanks for the follow up. Yes, I am very happy with my Constitution! It arrived in great shape & a friend and I were able to put it together quite easily. I've included a photo to show it all decked out. The only problem I've encountered is that the butcher block top is JUST TOO NICE to drill holes into, so I mounted the presses onto plywood - works just as well & I can keep the work surface pristine.John, thanks for the generous discount, re: the finish color error! I think most companies would have grudgingly given me about 10% off & just said "oops". It shows me that American Workbench stands behind it's products. I've recommended you to a couple of my reloading buddies who have drooled over my Constitution & who, like me, are tired of the particle board & sheet metal 'things' being sold today.Anyway John, thanks again - another satisfied customer. I hope you folks didn't get any effects from that earthquake, something we in California know all too well. Regards,
Reg Darley
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