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American Workbench Quality & Opportunity

A great workspace cannot be one-size-fits all. Some Folks are over 6 feet tall, others are under 5 feet tall, there is no "normal" when it comes to your hobby or profession. Finally, AWB builds workbenches to your height specifications. We build Smart bottom shelves to fit your style,
sitting or standing and best of all, our benches become your signature bench ...
Built to last several lifetimes .... and We Guarantee it!
(There are hundreds of Workbenches available. Not many are Handmade here in America. and no one else offers a complete custom opportunity!)

Specialty Reloading Benches

Choose your Size, Height, Colors and Options!

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Customize your own Grouping! Awesome!

This is a 30 x 84" Ben Franklin Specialty bench with a Modified Plainsman 24 x 60" with a variety of options. . . Mix and Match to Create your own Configuration.....

Shop & Garage Workbenches

woodworking benches

Paul Revere

This newest addition to our family of American Made Workbenches, it has an "American" style top that provides a larger contiguous area to support your work compared to a European-style top with a recessed tool well.

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John,Bench delivered today! No freight damage. I will assemble this weekend, then off to Alaska. Really nice job man. The images came out perfect! Aside from having them a little further apart I could not ask for more.It's a great feeling to buy American made, I can see and feel the difference in quality. You should be very proud of your work, I am well pleased. I will send you a photo once I get my reloading and fly tying equipment set-up in September!Well done!
Bob Koch
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