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"Popular Woodworking"

Our Client of 2012  is  Jimmy Buffett.
Mr. Buffett was kind enough to send us a Photo of him working at his new
American Workbench, The  Ben Franklin was Modified for Guitar repair.
By no means is this an endorsement,  He is simply one of our clients.
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Jimmy Buffett with his new Workbench
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The Ben Franklin Hobby Workbench
(Click picture to enlarge)
The Ben Franklin~  is a versatile bench that
can assist in handling any project that calls for
intense organization.
The Best Reloading Bench
The New Ashley Hall ~ Four Station
Workbench Boasts a 2 1/4" Top at 54" x  64"
with a Spacious 48" x 48" Bottom shelf
The Plantation! (72 x 30) Built to last several
lifetimes ~ Create your own legacy!-       
Custom Made to order (Click to enlarge)
 Garage Workbench
This is our "Constitution" Specialty Reloading bench!  Benches can be Custom Carved, as
well as Hand Painted! Bench shown with various options.
(Click to enlarge)
The New Paul Revere American Styled
Workbench - 26" x 72" Work space, 32" x 72 with
remove-able Tool Tray. End Vise uses either
Bench Top or Side for Larger Projects.              
(Click to Enlarge)
Introducing by Popular Requests....The Minuteman ~
This bench can be ordered in two sizes! 30 x 60"  
and 30 x 72". Additional shelves for stowage, and
Caster Options are available.
American Woodworking Bench

The Ashley Hall can be purchased with up to Four Vises...Or None at all!
(Click Pictures to enlarge)

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American, Benches & Work Tables, Charleston, SC
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Customized your own Grouping! Awesome!   This is a 30 x 84" Ben Franklin Specialty bench with a
Modified Plainsman 24 x 60" with a variety of options. . . Build your own right here..... (Click to enlarge)

Maple Butcher Block"  
allows us to promote a
Limited lifetime Warranty
on all of our Bench
Tops! Look at Order Info.

Our Custom Workbenches are Built to Last "Heavy Duty"  and  ready to
take abuse.

The Best Workbench, must be quick and easy to assemble( 25 minutes)  
and easy to move to a new home if necessary.

It also must have a large flat work surface thats rugged enough to stand
up to years of hard use.

There are hundreds of workbenches available. Not many are Made here
in America. No one offers a complete Custom opportunity.

You Choose your Bench Height, Color, Finish,
Bottom Shelf Depth, and Name Engraving!.
All at no additional Charge!.

No other Manufacturer offers these Opportunities. . .


We have integrated Wood Welded Maple Butcher Block tops on all of our
Benches !

The 1 3/4" rock-hard edge grain construction of our Wood Welded
Butcher Block assures you of the maximum durability and the greatest
construction strength available.

These tops are hard at work in factories and on shipping and receiving
docks around the world. In the material handling business there is no
better top than a solid Laminated Wood Welded Butcher Block.

All of these must have features are built into all of our workbenches!

Our design is for the home handy person who, at one point, will enjoy
creating new projects, allowing for advancement into more extensive
future projects.

For the money, this is the Best Custom Wooden Workbench available anywhere  that
will give you  lifetimes of hard working service, and can be passed to generations.

We have added accessories to turn this bench into an intermediate Wood workers
bench, Flytyers bench, Reload Bench,  as well as a corner piece to join two benches
together to make an ensemble or to add inches to your existing American Workbench!

Our Clients purchase these workbenches for a host of additional uses:

  • Computer Desk
  • Reload Workbench
  • Guitar Building
  • Electronic Projects
  • Hobby Bench
  • Woodworking
  • Jewelry Workbench
  • Flytying Workbench
  • Potting Workbench
  • Scrap Booking Workbench
  • ESD Workbench
  • Wood Carving Workbench
  • Retail Counters
  • Retail Display
  • Kitchen Island
  • Surf Board Repair
Workbenches for your Garage,
Workshop, or Woodworking Shop!
The Best Four Station Workbench
Four Station Workbench without Vises
Workbench enclosed with Drawers
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We're Proud to introduce our new shop stool.
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